I turned thirty years old last week. It hasn’t made me too emotional. Friends tell me that, for men, forty is really the big one. In any case, it was enough of a milestone to celebrate. And celebrate we did.

My parents have a house on the Cape. In fact, it’s their only house and the house I grew up in. As usual, I went down to spend Labor Day weekend with them. When I arrived Saturday, I walked into a surprise birthday party my family had organized for me (photos). The house soon filled with friends of the family and friends from high school. Even some friends from the Boston crowd made the trip down.

On my actual Birthday, which was a Thursday, Kristin surprised me after lunch with a cake that she and Mike had picked up. That night, Nick cooked dinner for me and some of our friends at his house (photos). Karen made a carrot cake for me. I got drunk.

The following Saturday, I also threw myself a party. To make it interesting, I asked everyone to come in their pajamas (photos). It was great to see some old friends and to make some new ones.

Thanks everyone for a memorable birthday!