My friend Jay Sharp died suddenly two months ago. If you didn’t know him, you can get a sense of how special he was by browsing his website. His passing made me very sad. It’s a long story (ask me about it offline), but the circumstances made it especially hard for me. It’s taken me a long time to start feeling mostly-normal again. The postings I make here are not usually this personal, but I have some pictures to share with other people who knew Jay.

Thanks to the support of Jay’s family and our employer, Karen and I had the opportunity to fly out to Rapid City, South Dakota to attend his burial. I posted the all pictures from our trip, including the chapel near his burial site where they had the memorial service, his grave with some flowers donated by his friends from Michigan, and the “Lazy J” campground across the street from the cemetery. There are also pictures of Karen and I seeing the local sites. I also posted her pictures.

Jay didn’t have any family in the Boston area, so three of them flew out to Boston to take care of his affairs. Here are some pictures of a night we all went out to the Barking Crab and JP Licks. They’re wonderful people and I’m glad I got the chance to meet them.

Most of Jay’s friends here in Boston couldn’t attend the memorial services in South Dakota or Nebraska, where he grew up and where his parents live respectively, so we organized an event here in Boston. I snapped a few pictures before and after the service.

Jay, I’ll always remember you.