Since Stuart and I were going straight from the office to a bar to the party, we decided to just wear our suits to work. We managed to convince a couple of our neighbors to do the same. We all met for a toast in the afternoon.

Kenny, Stuart, Matthew, and Ned:

This was also Karen’s last day. She’s leaving the company after seven years. So sad. Is a master’s degree in engineering from MIT good preparation for opening a bakery? We’re about to find out. Some of her friends met outside her office for a goodbye toast.

With all this toasting, we decided it would be fun to rent a limo to take us from our office in the suburbs into the city.

We stopped first at Radius, where Karen used to work, for drinks (not pictured).

We finally arrived at the holiday party proper. The company rented out the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library and provided food, drinks, and a DJ.

The company party ended early, so some of us went to Pho Republique. I’m lucky enough to live about two blocks away.

When Julie and I form a band, this will be our album cover: