Steve, Stuart, and I went to the Dresden Dolls’ Halloween Ball as a Krusty Burger employee, Edward Scissorhands, and William Wallace.

There were two ways you could get tickets. You could either win them from WBCN, or get them directly from the band. The band sent out an e-mail to their fan list that anyone who sent a spooky hand-made picture of the band would earn a spot on their guest list. I’ve no drawing ability, so I commissioned a work from an artist drawing portraits at the UMass Amherst Campus Center concourse. I was out at UMass to promote my company at a career fair, saw the artist, explained the situation, and he agreed to do it. I think it came out great.

They hung all the entries up on the walls in the balcony.

This is Stuart’s entry.

They even hung up his letter.

Stuart’s costume was very impressive.

The scissor-hands were also a constant source of entertainment.

He cuts my hair:

He cuts off Ted Williams’ head:

He eats some food:

He duels with Freddy Krueger:

He tries to drink:

Thinking ahead, he brought a straw:

The costume was also a big hit with the ladies. They think of how nice Edward was, and then the think of Johnny Depp. These are both good things.

Karl turned me on to the Dresden Dolls a while ago. He and Kathy dressed as a priest and a boy scout respectively.

They were edged out of first place in the pair-costume contest by another crowd favorite, the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

This was the best costume party I’d ever been to. There were a lot of professional-looking costumes.

Look at the massive horse body this centaur was dragging around.

Two costumes types that can’t miss are 80s nostalgia (Teen Wolf) and sexy-anything (sexy-Bo Peep).

Speaking of sexy, this police woman was whipping the other one. They were both wearing vinyl.

Being topical is always good, too.

Here’s a crowd shot. Notice the gigantic Abominable Snowman in the upper-right corner. I like this costume mostly because it had a crushed Herbie the Elf stuck to his back.

When I saw his head lying around, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of us.

Here’s another pair costume. I’ll give you a hint. There should be a string going from underneath her skirt and attaching to his head.

There were also some living statues scattered around.

It was a very friendly crowd. Thse are a couple of the people I talked with for a while.

Warm up band wasn’t very good, but I guess that’s par for the course.

The Dresden Dolls put on a great show. They describe their music as “Brechtian Punk Cabaret”. Buried in their difficult-to-navigate website are MP3s of two of their biggest hits, girl anachronism and coin-operated boy (live version).

The band finished up around 1AM, but we still had some energy, so we went over to the DeLux for a nightcap. I had a Scotch, of course.

This woman stoped us in the parking garage. She wanted a picture of herself and Edward Scissorhands because she said her son was scared of him. Here you go.

Steve took these on the way to the DeLux.

Here we are at the DeLux.

I love Halloween.