Every year my company brings in a photographer to take a picture of the whole organization. We all file out into the parking lot and he stands on a scissor lift so he can get all of us at once. At last year’s company charity auction, I bought the right to play with the lift for a while. Before the photo, the photographer showed me how to drive it and we took it for a spin around the parking lot. Well, it might be an exaggeration to say “spin”. It didn’t move very fast. After the photo, I grabbed Kristin, we pulled it up to the building, rose it up to the third floor, and bothered people trying to work. We only got up to the third floor because it was a very windy day and I started to feel like the wind would push us over. Apparently, someone in office services thought we were up to no good. What stinkers! The coordinator straightened them out and told them we had paid for it fair and square.