I won’t give a full review of The Matrix Reloaded, the most discussed movie in the history of the Internet, but I will share my favorite moment. (Minor spoilers ahead.) When Trinity coldly delivers the last line in this exchange, her quiet rage gives me shivers.

Link: Jesus. As soon as they open that door, it’s all over. Trinity: The hell it is. Link: What are you doing? Trinity? Trinity: I will not stand here and do nothing. I will not wait here to watch them die. Link: Trinity, we’re talking less than five minutes here. Trinity: In five minutes, I’ll tear that whole goddamn building down.

And she’s serious. In Neo’s fight scenes, nigh-invincible combatants merely push each other around for a while. Trinity’s are more interesting. She’s either struggling to stay alive against an agent or, as in this case, dropping a half-dozen humans in as many seconds. While wearing a skin-tight latex bodysuit.