I’m long accustomed to e-mail spam. I’m even getting used to the occasional Instant Messenger spam. Well, those industrious spammers have found another medium. It’s called “messenger spam”. Not to be confused with AOL or MSN Instant Messenger, messenger is installed and enabled by default on all Windows XP/NT/2000 systems. No additional software is required. It is usually used to send network messages, like “your virus software is being updated” or “your printout is ready for you at the printer”. Spammers have started using it to send advertisements for their porn sites.

I discovered how to send these a couple years ago and occasionally use it harass my co-workers. Now’s your opportunity to harass me. If my home machine is turned on, you can send a message by running a command like this:

net send h00023a89251e.ne.client2.attbi.com “You hoser!”

At work, our firewall will block messages coming in from outside the building. If you’re inside the firewall, you can send me an annoying message like this:

net send simoneaum “You hoser!”

It’s just that easy! Fortunately, I have no legitimate use for these messages and the service is easy to disable. Get your kicks in now. I’m fixin’ to plug this hole in a couple days.