I’m writing this entry from the comfort of my own bathrobe, I mean, living room. I finally got Internet access at home. Why did it take me so long? I didn’t want to get a dial-up connection. Being spoiled with a fast connection at work makes it very hard to tolerate dial-up speeds. Also, since my cell phone is my only phone, I’d have to get a landline just for this.

AT&T Broadband finally wired my building for cable Internet access. It took them so long because, unlike the suburbs where the lines are up on poles, in the city they run through basements, closed alleys, and other private areas. It is a logistical nightmare to find all these places and get access to them. They’ve been working through the city block-by-block. I’m glad they finally got to me. I was tired of being jealous of my parents, who live down on the sandbar of Cape Cod, being better connected than I.

I haven’t been posting very much lately, but my increased access should produce more content. Aren’t you lucky?