I’ve been following The Long Now Foundation for some time, starting with the essay in Wired Magazine in 1995 which inspired it. Its mission is to inspire long-term thinking in a world with an increasingly short time horizon. They organize around several projects, but their signature effort is to build a clock that will run for 10,000 years.

They’ve purchased a mountaintop in Nevada to house the clock. Stuart Brand described their progress in this 2004 TED talk. Last spring they issued a a call for guides. I answered.

About 40 of us spent the weekend in Nevada, becoming familiar with the mountain and making infrastructure improvements to the base camp. We also spent a lot of time getting to know one another. This self-selected group was an interesting bunch. Over the campfire one night, Stuart called us the clock’s first docents.

They’re holding an unconference about long-term thinking in June, and I’ll be back to help.

Guide Training for the Clock of the Long Now on Flickr
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