Over the weekend, I moved into a new apartment. I’m staying in the South End (don’t call it “Southie”, that’s South Boston). My new place is only about 1/2 a mile away, but it is much nicer and $125/month cheaper. There were lots of problems with my old apartment, so I’m pretty happy to be outta there. The one feature I’ll miss is The Nook. My old apartment has a large bay window that overlooks Tremont Street. It has a small elevated platform that suggests it was used as a display window before the building was converted to apartments. Since I have no couch, I turned this into my lounging area. I furnished it with some pillows from Urban Outfitters, a hand-made cushion from Tracy, some glowing holiday shells made by my father, Mary Beth Rettger’s coffee table (which Greg Wolodkin helped me move), the rug my grandmother made, my father’s old army trunk, a hanging plant (now dead), and my wicked big TV. The result was a nice place for a dinner with friends, lounging, and even napping. Nook, we will miss you!