This is a repost of a video that first appeared on this site in December 2002. My camera recorded the video to QuickTime format, which made it tough for some people to play. Between then and now, YouTube happened. You may have heard of it. So here it is again, this time in a friendlier format:

Five years later, Lucky still makes these excited noises whenever she’s in the car, especially when Dad is taking her to the b.e.a.c.h. (If you have dogs or children, you now why you can’t say this word casually.)

I expect all of you to repost my viral video on your respective blogs. I’m looking at you, Ned. And think of something pithy to say about it.

Here is the code to cut-and-paste:

< object width="425" height="353">
< param name="movie"
< param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>
< embed src="" 
< /embed>
< /object >

Together, we can bump poor Miss South Carolina out of her top spot(s) on YouTube’s Most Viewed This Week and make Lucky the Queen of the Internet.