In my wanderings around the ‘net, I stumbled on a link to Ali Davis’s True Porn Clerk Stories. She aspires to be a comedian, but has been paying the rent working at a video store that rents porn. This journal is a record of her observations. Print out both pages of her journal and read them at your leisure. It’s funny stuff. Something about her tone reminds me of my friend Brynna.

Often when I think I’ve discovered a hidden nugget on the web, I later learn that it has already been “discovered” by a jillion other people already. In this case, this site has received enough attention to be featured on NPR’s This American Life. You can hear Ali Davis reading excerpts of her journal in this Real Audio archive of the show. Her reading starts 31 minutes through it, so you’ll probably want to fast-forward. So much for getting The Inside Track from me.