Tracy and I had a great time in Chicago. Here are some vignettes.

Chicago is famous for it’s deep-dish pizza. Karl recommended I try out Gino’s East. I was impressed. It was unlike any pizza I had ever had. I’ve heard people call them “pizza pies” before, but these really are pizza pies. They are about as thick as a pie and need to be baked for 40 minutes (the server warned me and suggested I order an appetizer). After finishing two of the four slices in this small, I was uncomfortably full.

While cruising down the Miracle Mile (Chicago’s fancy-pants shopping street), I decided to swing through FAO Schwartz. Walking through, I noticed a Barbie with garters. Granted, the set included outer clothing to dress her in, and it was supposed to be an historical recreation, but it still caught my eye. I then noticed that next to this one was a strictly-lingerie Barbie. Apparently, this is one in a series and part of the Limited Edition Fashion Model Collection. Who exactly is the market for these? Stopping to take this picture made me feel a little like a dirty old man.

Speaking of which, I also noticed that the Borders on the same street makes no distinction between magazines for men and men’s magazines. That is, they shelve Maxim and Stuff interleaved with Playboy and Perfect 10. I’ve never seen this in Boston. Is this common in other (less Puritan) parts of the country?